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I am a Mother to two beautiful children, I live on the Gold Coast of Queensland and it has been my dream to have my own jewellery store since I first started working in the jewellery industry 20 years ago. I get so much satisfaction helping people find that special piece of jewellery they have been searching for.

My vision is to provide you with superior quality, fine jewellery at prices affordable for everyone. I have introduced Afterpay to the site to help make this happen.


I will be stocking the traditional jewellery like sleepers and studs and will also bring you the latest fashion trends from around the globe. If you are looking for a specific piece of jewellery or want something custom made, just send me an email and I will source it for you at the best price possible.

I will be specialising in Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold Jewellery, and will have access to Handmade Gold pieces. My prices will be a lot less than the major stores. In my time in the industry I have noticed there is not much out there for larger fingers etc. so I will also be stocking larger size jewellery, including rings, bangles, necklaces and bracelets. Just let me know what you need. Yes I said need, because every girl needs jewellery!

I will also be introducing diamond jewellery and most importantly 1ct diamond rings. Just email me the style, colour, cut, clarity and carat you would like, and I will do the rest.

Miss Sassy has an extensive range of memorial jewellery and message pendants. This is something I am passionate about and it will be a strong focus for my business. I have found that giving a piece of memorial jewellery to someone can bring them some form of comfort. If you are searching for something specific for someone, please drop me an email and I will hunt it down for you!

That’s all from me so have a fantastic day and I hope you love my jewellery as much as I do.

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